Spring Swing 2016 Sponsor Spotlight!

We LOVE {love, love, love} our Spring Swing Sponsors!

Not only are they extremely passionate about the handmade movement and dedicated to increasing Kansas City’s knowledge of, passion for, and participation in this “indie craft thing”, some of them are crafters themselves!  Our Spring Swing Sponsor Spotlight is on Farmers Insurance and three awesome Farmers Agents who support the craft movement and are small business owners here in Kansas City:



           Nita Mai                            Jennie Darby                    Sariah Martinko

Nita, Jennie and Sariah are into all things handmade & crafty! They sponsored The Strawberry Swing because they believe The Swing is an important group of individuals who can impact our culture.  They can’t wait to meet our guests and makers who are equally excited about having and supporting small businesses.  Go visit them at their Spring Swing booth and talk to them about how to protect the items that you have and acquire.

Thank you, Nita, Jennie and Sariah for supporting The Swing!insta sponsors